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What is Dermax Therapeutic Shampoo?

Dermax is a treatment for scaly scalp conditions such as dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis. It is designed to lift and clear scale from the scalp.

What is the active ingredient and how does it work?

The active ingredient is benzalkonium chloride which works by loosening scales from the scalp and lifting them from the hair. It also acts as a mild antiseptic to combat yeast which can make your scalp condition worse.

Who is Dermax Therapeutic Shampoo for?

Dermax is a treatment for scaly scalp conditions. It is a suitable alternative for patients who dislike the smell of coal tar shampoo or where other antifungal shampoos have been ineffective.

Dermax is suitable for use in children, adults and the elderly, no age limits are specified as such. Care needs to be taken when applying to the scalp of very young children to prevent any contact with the eyes.

Does Dermax Therapeutic Shampoo contain any nut derivatives?

None of the ingredients in Dermax contain any nut derivative.

Does Dermax Therapeutic Shampoo contain fragrance?

Dermax does not contain any fragrance.

Can I use Dermax Therapeutic Shampoo long term?

Dermax can be used daily if necessary, reducing the frequency of use to once or twice a week as the condition improves. Thereafter, occasional use may be necessary.

Can I use Dermax Therapeutic Shampoo on dyed hair?

None of the ingredients in Dermax should affect dyed hair.

Can I dye my hair while using Dermax Therapeutic Shampoo?

Whilst the ingredients in Dermax do not affect hair dyes it would be preferable to avoid dying the hair because hair dyes contain chemicals which could irritate your scalp.

Can I use Dermax Therapeutic Shampoo with hair conditioner?

Dermax is specially formulated to include coconut oil to moisturise and soften your scalp and to condition the hair. This should reduce the need to use a separate conditioner which often contain fragrances and other ingredients that may irritate your scalp. However, if you decide to use a separate conditioner it would be best to apply it to the hair only and avoid it coming into contact with the scalp.

Does Dermax Therapeutic Shampoo need to be prescribed or can I buy it?

Dermax can be prescribed by your doctor or it can be purchased from behind the counter in pharmacies. we’d recommend seeking advice from a Healthcare Professional to confirm whether Dermax is an appropriate treatment for you.

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